Top 60 DevOps Interview Questions in 2021

DevOps is a field which is highly in-demand and skilled DevOps professionals are the need of an hour. Many of us must have been aspiring to build the career in DevOps and must be working very hard for it. What if we get some useful knowledge about cracking the DevOps interview? That would be cool, isn't it? 

Cracking DevOps interview

DevOps Interview Questions

In this article, we will take a look at Top 60 DevOps Interview Questions, you must have knowledge about, if you are planning to start your career in the field of DevOps. Let's get started.

I have divided the list of questions under various sub-topics. For your quick reference, here is the topic wise questions count. You can also jump to the specific section from this summary.


The topic wise questions are as following.

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General Questions

1. What is the difference between on-premise server and cloud server?

2. How can we connect to remote server? Tell different ways to connect to Linux based remote servers?

3. How to install any new software component on Linux server? Say for example, you want to install Git on the Linux server, how will you do it?

Questions about Version Control

4. Which version control system you have used? What is the difference between Git and GitHub?

5. How do you checkout a project from git repository through command line?

6. What is the difference between Fork & Clone? Explain how you used in your project?

7. What is the difference between Fetch & Pull?

8. What is Stash? Have you used it in your project? In which scenario you used it?

9. Explain about Rebase

10. What is the difference between Rebasing & Merging

11. Give name of some of the merge strategies? Have you used any of it?

12. What is a Pull Request?

13. What is a Git hook?

14. What is the difference between Local hooks & Server-side hooks?

15. Give some names of the local git hooks?

Questions about Linux commands

16. Which are the basic Linux commands have you used?

17. How can you know the PID (process identification number) of any process?

18. When do you use kill command? What does it do?

19. Which command you will use to know the list of running processes and how much CPU those processes are using?

20. What does grep command do?

21. What is find command used for?

22. Which are the various commands to check the memory usage of the process?

Questions about Ports Management

23. What is a port?

24. What is the default port for HTTP?

25. What is the default port for HTTPS?

26. How to get a list of ports which are open?

27. How to find a process which is using a specific port?

28. How to open a port?

29. Can you open a port that is used by the Linux system?

30. What is Linux System port, user port and Linux private port?

DevOps Interview Questions

Questions about Networking

31. What is a load balancer?

32. What is proxy?

33. What is reverse proxy?

Questions about Docker & Containerization

34. What is docker?

35. What is a docker image?

36. What is the difference between an image and a container?

37. What is Kubernetes?

38. What is Virtualization?

39. How does docker is different from virtual machines?

40. What is docker hub?

41. Any other well-known image repository you are aware of?

Questions about Continuous Integration (CI)

42. What is CI? Explain the overall CI process at high-level?

43. Which are the various build & packaging tools you have used?

44. Which scripting language(s) you have used?

Questions about Jenkins

45. How have you used Jenkins for CI?

46. How you connect to Git from Jenkins to checkout the application code to build?

47. What is a Jenkins pipeline?

48. What is multi-branch pipeline?

49. How you notify the team if the build failed in Jenkins?

50. What is blue ocean?

51. Which are the various other CI tools available? Why Jenkins is more popular?

Questions about Continuous Delivery (CD)

52. What is continuous delivery?

53. Have you integrated the test cases in your Jenkins job while building the application?

54. How you deploy the image on cloud server?

Questions about Cloud Server

55. What is infrastructure-as-a-service?

56. Which cloud server you have worked upon?

57. What is infrastructure-as-a-code?

Questions about Monitoring Tools

58. Why monitoring is so important for DevOps?

59. Which are the monitoring tools you have used?

Questions about Automation of tasks

60. Have you automated any tasks as a DevOps? Give some examples of it and how you did it?  

And the list completes here. 

Something very Important

Being a veteran in the field of software industry for more than a decade, I would certainly want my DevOps candidate to at-least have the in-depth knowledge around above questions.

I have not included the answers in this article. If you are interested to know the answers, do drop me an email at I will try to respond at the earliest possible.

Although, these questions would help you get prepared for the DevOps interview, however, this is not an extensive list of questions and the actual questions asked in the interview may be completely different. Hence, just don't use the above questions as your only source of preparation.

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