Apply These 3 Secret Techniques To Become A Successful Software Developer

You must be wondering, Is there a secret to become a successful software developer? My answer is : Yes, there is. Interestingly, not everyone knows about it. Yes, that's true.

Become a successful software developer

Just think for a moment, if every software developer would have known this secret, then, all the software companies would have only high-performing software developers in their project teams. Isn't it? However, that is not the reality. 

In project teams, there may be high-performing software developers, some average ones and few low-performing software developers as well. Have you ever thought, why so? All of them must be knowing the programming languages, all of them must have learned effective coding as well, even they would have cracked the rigorous job interviews too. Then, why not everyone of them is a successful software developer?

The answer is simple, not everyone knows the secret tricks to become a successful software engineer. If you are also looking forward to be a successful software developer, make sure you read on the article and by the end of it, you will know the 3 secret techniques that will help you transition from a software developer to a successful software developer at work.

Excited? Let's get started. 

Let me ask a question, what's the difference between an ordinary software developer and a successful software developer? Well, an ordinary software developer would just work on the task assigned and it is rare to expect the quality deliverable from him. On the other side, the successful software developer would not just complete the assigned task, he would also make sure that,

  • The code is potentially bug free

  • There is enough unit test coverage to verify different scenarios

  • There is a good amount of branch coverage and line coverage

  • The code is following the coding guidelines and the best practices

  • The code is easy to read and easy to maintain

  • The code has also been verified from integration perspective and so on

Additionally, successful software engineers are,

  • Always ready to help others in the team

  • Always ready to take more responsibilities

  • Always ready for new challenges and so on.

Certainly, it's the attitude and aptitude of a software developer which makes them successful software developers. Such individuals are truly an asset to the the project teams. Now, let's look at what are the 3 secret techniques a software developer should apply to become a successful software developer at work.

These tricks and techniques are based on my learning, knowledge and experience.


TRICK #1: Cultivate a detail oriented approach

Detail oriented approach of a software engineer

A detail-oriented approach not only helps you to understand things better, it also helps you to develop things better. When you are assigned to work on a task in your project, make sure that you have understood it in detail and you know what exactly you have to do. 

If something is not clear, it's better to ask the relevant questions up-front and make sure that you have complete clarity about the task. This will help you to provide next to correct estimation efforts. Also, asking relevant questions about the assigned task would also boost the confidence in you in the eyes of your tech lead. 

Also, don't limit yourself just to the task assigned to you. Take a step further and try to understand, where does it fit into the overall system. What value you can contribute to the project and so on. Believe me, this approach will definitely help you grow in the career.

If you are learning any new thing, try to go in detail until the concepts are absolutely clear to you and you are able to easily explain them to others. 

TRICK #2: Develop a habit to write daily progress note

Software engineer making notes

Yes, When it comes to writing, it may sound bit boring to you, and not all of you would be eager to do it. However, this trick has got tremendous benefits for you. 

Here is a simple thing that you have to do. Whenever you are working on any assigned tasks, make some bullet point level notes such as what are all the things you did each day. If possible make it detailed as much as possible.

For example, in order to find the effective solution to one of the problem in your assigned task, you explored three approaches. You evaluated pros and cons of each of them, then you finalized the best one. Cool, you selected the  best approach and you are good to go for solving the problem at hand. 

Now, if you don't keep a habit of writing your daily progress notes, you are going to loose on the valuable information that you assessed while finding the best approach. After few days, It may also be possible that you may completely even forget as well how and what you assessed. Hence, it is important to make a habit of writing daily progress notes, capture the important references you may have gone through and any other minute detail and so on. 

Spending few minutes of your time daily for this writing, is certainly going to be one of your biggest investment, and over the period of time you will have wealth of knowledge with you.

This trick will help you put your thoughts into words, and will drastically improve your writing skills.

TRICK #3: Learn the art of effective communication 

Software developer giving status update in scrum

If you inculcate the TRICK #2, this one would become fairly simple for you. Here is how. By maintaining daily progress notes, you will have clear-cut idea about

  • How much you have completed, 

  • What are you presently working upon, 

  • Where are you stuck at,

  • What are the next set of action for you and so on.

And believe me, this is exactly what a software developer is required to give as a status update in the daily scrum calls. Your scrum master is always looking for such clear concise status update and there you go, you have mastered the art of effective communication over the period of time. 

This trick is an art which will help you a lot to climb up the ladder of success in your software developer career. 

Final Thoughts

If you apply these 3 techniques in your day-to-day life as a software developer,  you have a long way to go, and no one can stop you become a successful software engineer. 

Are you practicing any of these technique in your daily life as a software developer? If not, would you be willing to practice them going forward? Do let me know your thoughts/feedback about it at I would really appreciate it and I would love to read your thoughts/feedback.

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