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"Programming, Software & Technology is all about solving real-world problems."

To excel in software programming, it is must to know the important concepts absolutely well. What if you can explain these fundamental concepts by corelating them to some real-world examples? Wouldn't that be great?

Interestingly, In technical interviews, if you explain the concepts with some real-world examples, it certainly makes a significant impact and makes you stand out of the competition. However, I have seen many of the software engineers lacking on this front. Hence, if you want to sharpen your software fundamentals with the knowledge of some real-world examples, techfundas.in is the right place for you. 

Not only this, here you will also get to know about the latest trends of software world to keep yourself up-to-date with rest of the software world. You will also find some practical interview questions to crack your technical interview questions to get your job in the software field. Isn't that cool?

Yeah, techfundas.in is a leading unique blog which helps you learn  about programming, software & technology concepts in a short and simple way, with amazing real-world examples. Enables you to be well versed with the latest trends in the software world. And, provides you the insightful practical interview questions.

The cool thing is, blogs at techfundas.in are written by a software expert having more than a decade plus of hand-on experience designing, developing and architecting enterprise systems. 

So, what are we waiting for? 

Let's get started.

About Author

Author-Ramesh Chauhan

Ramesh Chauhan is having an experience of more than a decade plus in the software industry. Having previously worked in some of the IT giant companies, He is presently working with a leading product-based organization as a software architect.

He is passionate about technology and believes in technology agnostic mindset, which has helped him to excel in his career where he has worked on multiple technology such as Java technology stack, Microsoft technology stack, Alfresco ECM product suite and Salesforce CRM. techfundas.in is his personal blog to share his learnings, knowledge and experiences.

He has extensive experience architecting and developing cloud agnostic applications. He has played various roles starting from software developer to software architect and leading the development teams. 

He believes in fast learning approach and emphasis on key areas to speed up the learning curve while learning any new tools or technology. He knows the pain points a software professional will go through when it comes to learn and explore new concepts and technologies. Hence, he takes a methodology to explain the technology jargons and concepts in very simple words which makes it easy to understand for a beginner. 

He has also authored a books titled “Learning Alfresco WebScripts”, “DevOps for Beginners” and “Concurrency Vs Parallelism with 5 real-world examples”.

You surely will enjoy reading his blogs and will definitely gain some valued knowledge. Do share your thoughts and feedback at techfundas.in@gmail.com.